Teknik Informatika
Department of Informatics prepares and equips students not only to face challenges of rapid changes and progress in computer sciences and technology, but also to solve problems related to computing technology. Department of Informatics covers 3 prospective fields of study: Software Engineering, Medical Informatics, and Intelligent & Interactive Applications (Game Programming).
Regular Program: Sarjana Komputer (S.Kom.)
• Software Engineering
• Medical Informatics
• Intelligent & Interactive Applications (Game Programming)
Software Engineering
In this concentration, students will learn advanced techniques of software engineering that enable them to participate in shaping the solutions to computing and information processing problems. They acquire knowledge of advancement of software engineering: distinctive programming languages, dealing with big data, working with distributed system and cloud technology, creating leading edge of web apps, aware the advance aspect of software engineering as well as the frontier technology such as Internet of Things, and more.
Medical Informatics
This concentration is designed to empower students to provide IT solutions in developing healthcare technology equipment. Medical Informatics is an interdisciplinary study, invention, implementation, and technology to improve communication, analysis, knowledge, and management of medical information. The aims of the study are integration of data, knowledge, and technology which is needed for taking effective, efficient, and accurate medical decisions. Upon completing this program, students will become the perfect partners to healthcare technology companies or hospitals in developing innovative healthcare equipment with high added value.
Intelligent & Interactive Applications (Game Programming)
Learning how to make games is fun and pleasing. The aim of this concentration is to empower students with good game programming logic and skills, and to equip them with adequate capabilities of game design. Through this concentration, students will learn to combine 3 main competencies in software engineering, computational intelligence, and user interface design.
Informatics Courses:
Algorithm & Programming
Cloud Computing
Computational Intelligence
Computer Graphics
Database Systems
Data Mining
Enterprise Database Software
Frontier Technology
Game Design
Hospital Information System
Human Computer Interaction
Image Processing
Information Retrieval
Interactive Media Systems
Java Programming
Life Skills
Mobile Programming
Network & Computer Security
Object-Oriented Modeling
Object-Oriented Programming
Software Architecture
Software Engineering
Web-Based Application Development
Career Opportunities
An Informatics graduate will be ready and able to start a career as a project manager, software engineer, system analyst, EDP manager, database administrator, database developer, IT consultant, web-or mobile developer, multimedia/game designer and programmer, smart system designer and programmer, even researcher and technopreneur, in every area including commercial companies, game developer company, healthcare company or medical device manufacturer, research and education institution, and other computer related companies.